Turned Parts

Precision turned parts machined by CNC sliding-head lathe, Cam-control sliding-head automatic lathe, so called Swiss-type turning machine

We have a broad range of turning machines from the latest 5-axis CNC lathes to the cost-oriented cam-control automatic lathes, of total 217 sets to satisfy your needs. For inquiry, please contact us. Thank you.

Equipment: CNC sliding-head lathe 153 sets, Cam-control sliding head automatic lathe 64 sets, as of August 2022

Materials: stainless steel, copper alloy, phosphor bronze, brass, red brass, beryllium copper, carbon steel, titanium alloy, aluminum alloy

Electric plating: Nickel plating, and gold plating for small parts, more information can be found on the bottom half of this page

Monitoring Display

Scarpering work by a skilled worker

Restoration of cam-control automatic lathe

Tool making

Turning tools

Cam making inspection

Electric plating for minimizing electric/semiconductor devices

We provide fine technologies of surface treatment to achieve cost saving and functional advancement for wide-range of materials; Electric plating to very small precision metal parts, Partial electric plating, Plating on hollow hole, Tumbler Polishing, Chemical polishing, Chemical deburring.

We persist in the Inspection-Evaluation-Analysis process to ensure our quality. We are developing new technology of surface treatment too. Please feel free to contact us and let us know your needs.

Electric Nickel/Gold Plating (wet) for very small precision parts, such as a plunger for spring contact probe

Gold plating for very small parts

Gold plating to inside of hollow hole

Plungers for contact spring probe, semiconductor testing device

Partial plating

Very small parts

  • Hard gold plating (gold cobalt alloy plating)
  • Soft gold plating (pure gold plating)
  • Electroless nickel plating, lead free
  • Electric nickel plating, glossy
  • Electric nickel plating, semi-matte
  • Electric nickel plating, matte

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