For the electrical, automotive and medical industry, Takashima Sangyo Co.,Ltd. manufactures high precision parts and industrial machinery using technologies refined over 50 years as a watch parts manufacurer.

Utilizing our extensive experience, we have developed the MPX, a compact machine tool, for your production and research needs.

For the medical industry, we provide reliable customized components, such as stents, injectors and needles.


EN ISO13485:2016

  • Certificate No. IT283624-2

We are a registered medical device manufacturer.

  • Certification No.:
    ・20BZ200075 (Suwa)
    ・20BZ200105 (Mikarino)


◆November 28,2013◆

  • ・We are certified as a medical device manufacturer by Nagano Prefecture,Japan

MPX Multiple Function Desktop Process Machine

This machine tool is small and consists of best quality components.
You can apply this machine tool to production lines as well as research activities.
This machine tool has been used in die and mold machining industry, automobile industry,jewelry industry, R&D, etc.
Electrical discharge machining(EDM), milling , grirding and laser processing, etc. is possible.

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