Metal Machining

Turned parts, CNC machining

Takashima Sangyo supplies wide range of turned small metal parts for various fields; electric components, semiconductor testing devices, wristwatch casing parts, camera parts, medical components, automobile components, and so forth, with CNC turning machines and Sliding-head turning machines made by CITIZEN and TSUGAMI. We have lathe-work factories in China, Vietnam and Japan.

If you look for an experienced reliable vendor of turned metal parts, please feel free to contact us. We sincerely hope to be your trusted business partner in the future.

Plunger for contact probe: phosphor bronze, beryllium copper, carbon steel
Socket/pin contact for electric connector: phosphor bronze, red brass, brass

Turned parts, precision CNC machining, plunger for contact spring probe

Precision turned parts, accompanied with lead 0.5mm diameter for mechanical pencil for size comparison

Crown-cut on contact probe plunger
Pinholder-like crown-cut on contact probe plunger

Crown-cut on plunger for spring contact probe

Turned parts, copper and copper alloy, brass, phosphor bronze, red brass

Copper and copper alloys, Electric connector parts

Turned parts, titanium and titanium 6-4 alloy

Titanium and Titanium 6-4 alloy

Suwa Factory
Main Factory of Turned Parts

Following samples are for technical display purpose only .

Titanium screw, for technical display purpose

Titanium screw

Tungsten screw, for technical display purpose

Tungsten screw

Molybdenum, for technical display purpose

Molybdenum screw