3D Analyzing

by three-dimensional internal structure microscope

Utilizing cross-section image data accumulated by cutting a specimen, high resolution analyzing of one micron meter accuracy has become possible, that could not be achieved by conventional analyzing methods. You can clearly observe internal structure of die-casting parts for automobile, metal texture, solder bumps and so forth. This will contribute to long product lives, through investigating the cause of internal defects of components and making counter measures against such defects.

  • 1. Overview
  • a. Slicing – Observing
  • b. Image processing
  • c. 3d analyzing
2d image generated from sequentially taken images
  • 2. Cross-section photo
  • 2d image generated for a layer from sequentially taken images
generate 3d image
  • 3. Generate 3d image from 2d images
3d analyzing
  • 4. 3d analyzing

metallographic 3d image analysis
  • 5. Application
  • metallographic analysis

three-dimensional internal structure microscope

Three-dimensional internal structure microscope