Craftsmanship instilled in the manufacturer’s DNA of Takashima Sangyo

Three core technologies, precision processing, high-accurate processing, and processing difficult-to-cut materials, are our fundamental competence. We integrate traditional technique into latest technologies. Passions are overflowed from our inherited genes for challenging ourselves.

semiconductor back-end subcontracting services, wafer back-grinding, wafer dicing, for your outsourcing

Processing of ultra-thin semiconductor wafer, ultra-small wafer tips, as back-end process contract services

ceramic fine nozzle with small orifice of under 0.1mm, dispensing nozzle, stainless steel nozzle, tungsten carbide nozzle

Fine nozzle with micro orifice. Precision processing of ceramic, tungsten carbide Fine processing of brittle materials

Precision tuned metal parts, CNC machining, contact spring probe plunger, electric/optical connector parts, medical metal parts, automobile component parts

Turned metal parts, CNC machining, Sliding-head lathe machining Most of common solid metals processable

electric plating chemical polishing

Electric plating and chemical polishing for cost reduction, and function improvement

laser cutting, laser welding, medical stent

Laser cutting, welding, and marking

medical device components

Medical devices ranging from small precision components to OEM products.

Analyzing with 3d internal structure microscope

Internal structure analyzing service with 3d internal structure microscope

Multi-Pro, desktop size machine tool

FA machinery: Multi-Pro, a multi-functional machine tool

hard material machining

Higher-accuracy Hard materials precision machining

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