Suwa Factory

Turned Parts, by CNC Turning Machines and Sliding-Head Cam-Control Automatic Lathe

We have a broad range of turning machines from the latest 5-axis CNC Machines to the cost-oriented cam-control automatic lathes, total 150 sets at Suwa Factory, to satisfy our customer’s needs.

CNC Turning Machines 91 sets, material bar 0.8mm to 6mm diameter
Cam-Control Automatic Lathe 59 sets, material bar 0.8mm to 6.5mm diameter
at Suwa Factory as of September 2021

Monitoring display

Scarpering work by skilled worker

Restoration of cam-control automatic lathe

Tool making

Turning tools

Cam making

Takashima Sangyo Co., Ltd. Suwa Factory
Suwa Business Division
2-1-21 Shimizu, Suwa, Nagano, Japan