Multi-Pro, machine tool for metal machining / laser processing

Environmental friendly – compact machining center

Multi-Pro 6, a compact machining center, convertible to other machine tool


  • Floor space for install 740mm length (or 1,030) * 1,050mm width
  • Repeat accuracy of axis plus minus 0.001mm
  • Linear move length X-axis 170mm, Y-axis 110(200)mm, Z-axis 110mm
  • Revolutions per minute (Max.)
    • Machining center model 12,000/20,000min-1
    • Precision machining model 40,000/60,000min-1
    • Ultra-sonic model 20,000min-1

Product features:

  • Very compact, space saving
  • Easily installed in a narrow space, compared to big machine tools which require a large floor space and load capacity.

Multi-Pro has outstanding higher stiffness among small machine tools. Repeat accuracy plus minus 0.001mm of axis and the robust machine body together provide you with high-accurate machining.

laser processing model of Multi-Pro

Laser Processing Model

Processed samples by Multi-Pro

Processed samples