Takashima Sangyo Head Office / Factory

By Car

Take Chuo Express Way E20 from Tokyo (E19 from Nagoya) , Take exit Suwa-Minami IC (IC No.19), Turn Left at the IC Entrance intersection, Turn Left at the first three-forked road to the upward slope turning round behind, Turn Left at the first Stop-Sign on the side road of express way, Go down the road, Takashima will be found soon.

By Train

Take Express Train of JR Chuo Line from JR Shinjuku Station (Tokyo), Exit at JR Chino Station, Take a taxi from the station.

Takashima Sangyo Co., Ltd.
高島産業 本社
5695-6 Mikarino, Kanazawa, Chino, Nagano 391-0012, Japan
Tel 0266-72-8833
Takashima Sangyo HQ factory Bldg. B, Turned parts, CNC machining, Watch casing components
Bldg. B: Turned Parts
Takashima Sangyo HQ factory Bldg. C, Semiconductor wafer back-end subcontracting service; wafer back-grinding, wafer dicing, wafer tip picking up
Bldg. C: Wafer Service
Takashima Sangyo HQ factory Bldg. D, Administration Dept. and Fine ceramic nozzle
Bldg. D: General Administration Dept. and Fine Nozzle
Takashima Sangyo HQ factory Bldg. E, R&D, FA machinery
Bldg. E: R&D, and FA Machinery

Suwa Factory

Takashima Sangyo Suwa Factory
高島産業 諏訪工場
2-1-21 Shimizu, Suwa, Nagano 392-0007, Japan
Tel 0266-52-3470

Takashima Sangyo Suwa factory, turned parts, CNC machining, electric plating, chemical polishing, plungers for contact spring probe
Suwa Factory: Turned Parts, and
Electric Plating